Thursday, December 3, 2015

If AoE is so good, why doesn't everyone use it?

Here's a list of reasons, that I have observed, for NOT using AoE storage.
  1. Education --- most sysadmins have never heard of AoE, or know why its so simple to use.  Shame on our computer science eduction system, AoE should be part of Common Core!
  2. Workload or lack of curiosity --- sysadmin workload leaves little time to explore new technology, and sysadmin's hate advertising.
  3. FUD --- completive Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt is hard to ignore, and is used by all the big name vendors to compete with AoE products.
  4. Perceived risk --- storage is so critical, and risk tolerance so low, it takes time to build confidence in technology you have never used, even though AoE storage has been reliably used by real paying customers for more than 11 years.
  5. Job security --- why risk your job over something that is simpler to use and saves money, if something goes wrong you'll be to blame.  Fear is a powerful force.
  6. L'Oreal hair color complex --- Isn't your data worth it? Buying the most expensive technology is justified because your data is worth it.  Wouldn't it be nice if money didn't matter?
  7. Technology bigots --- make technology choices based upon feelings rather than facts.  There must be something wrong with AoE if everyone isn't using it.
  8. NIH --- Not Invented Here is a powerful force in many minds, it develops into technology bigotry, and since AoE wasn't designed by a royal IEEE committee, who wants it.
None of these are very good reasons, are they?  Just give EtherDrive a try and I guarantee you'll become an rabid fan.  It's the perfect storage solution for cloud systems.  And I haven't come across a storage application that it can't support; including mission critical database, high speed streaming, high speed transaction process, server and desktop virtualization, or just massive backups that scale forever.  EtherDrive is even ideal for NSA's surveillance archive watching every move I make.

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