Thursday, November 19, 2015

Simpatico, ZFS and EtherDrive storage, a perfect match.

Every now and then, the stars come into alignment, and two separate technologies, come together to become a perfect match.  The Zeta File System (ZFS) and EtherDrive SRX storage is just such a combination.   ZFS is becoming the filesystem of choice for many applications, and scaling is a big reason.  What ZFS needs is fast, scalable storage, but if the storage is simple, and economical, the combination becomes…"simpatico".

EtherDrive SRX is by far the fastest, simplest and least expensive network storage in the world, and when configured as Just-a-Bunch-Of-Disks (JBOD), the SRX perfectly matches the needs of a ZFS host.  With the free Solaris HBA driver, and HBA hardware priced at the same point as a standard GigE or 10GigE NIC, the ZFS advantage can be fully realized.

Many ZFS users are discovering how well EtherDrive meets their needs.  The next time you build a ZFS server, give EtherDrive a try and you will love it too.

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